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Official Brawoliner Distributors In Australia

Light Curing The Smart Way

Very good bend flexibility, 87° possible from DN 100

High-performance UV LEDs with extremely high efficiency

Installation log and interface to mobile end device (USB, W-LAN)

Intelligent LED head with integrated magnetic coupling for electromagnetic remote unlocking

Brawo Magnavity

New Light Curing System

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New Light Curing System

Brawo Magnavity

Official Brawoliner Distributors In Australia

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Official Brawoliner Distributors In Australia

Inversion Lining Systems


Available in sizes 600mm, 700mm, 750mm, and 800mm
Full Stainless Steel construction
Compact size enabling easy man handling and ability to reline within small rooms.

  • 400mm Inversion Drum

    • Extension hose
    • Dual locking key's
    • 100mm 45° launching nozzle
    • 150mm 45° launching nozzle
    • Adaptable to both hot water and steam
    • Will hold 19m of 100mm liner
    • will hold 11m of 150mm liner
  • Inversion Drum 600mm Inversion Drum

    • Inversion Extension Pipe 110mm. 1.0m, spiral type
    • Locking Key
    • Inversion Bend 45° suits 100 & 125mm
    • Inversion Bend 45° suits 150mm
    • Hot Water Inlet for the Hotbox
  • 700, 750 & 800mm Drum

    • Inversion Extension Pipe 150mm. 1.0m,
    • Inversion Extension Pipe 150mm. 3.0m,
    • Locking Key
    • Inversion Bend 45° suits 100 & 125mm
    • Inversion Bend 45° suits 150mm
    • Inversion Bend 45° suits 200mm
    • 90° 6” bend with thread on both ends
    • Hot Water Inlet for the Hotbox
    • Camera Insertion Valve (enables usage of optional camera coupling)


  • Electronically Driven Version

    • Conveyor belt with back pressure roller 3000mm X 500mm
    • Stable welded frame construction
    • Worm gear drive motor
    • Control unit for direct current for electric control of rotational speed, thermal overload- disconnection, reversible switch for changing direction
    • Emergency Stop Button
    • Height adjustable hand crank
    • Digital display for height adjustment, 0-50mm
  • Manually Driven Version

    • Conveyor Belt with back pressure roller
    • Frame pillars foldable for economic transport
    • Measurements - Length 2050mm x 620mm x Height 1000mm
    • Weight 50kg
    • Driven by Crank Handle
    • Roller Distance Adjustable


    • Hot Water System for accelerating resin cure times.
    • Mobile heating element, Diesel, 230V, 60 – 90°C heating capacity.
    • Quantity of water 950 – 1400 l/h
    • Dimensions LxWxH 620x610x950, 74kg
    • Includes Circulating pump for heating after inflation
    • Includes Water hoses


    • Evacuates air from within liner to ensure consistent resin impregnation through the length of the liner.
    • Evacuation rate, 4.0m3/h, 0.18kW, 220 Volts


    • Grundfos CHI, with armatures and filters 220V
    • Set of Hoses (2 water hoses 13mm, length 10m and water hose 19mm, length 2m)


    • The viewing port is the ‘camera coupling attachment’ for the inversion drum. It provides an insertion point for the camera into the service being repaired without having to remove the drum.

Full Relining and Patching Packages

APSAPS will fully stock a truck or trailer with all the shelving, equipment and supplies that you'll need to offer relining and/or patching services. You simply drive it away and you're ready to go. In addition to the inversion lining and patching equipment, you'll be stocked up with the tools, compressors, extras and supplies that you'll need, and we can even provide all the training you'll need as well. This set-up is tried and tested by local plumbing companies in millions of dollars of relining sales every year.




    • 50mm
    • 70/100mm special
    • 100mm
    • 125mm XT
    • 150mm
    • 100/150mm 3D
    • 150mm XT
    • 200/250mm 3D
    • 225mm XT

Relining Resins

    • Brawo 1 - Epoxy
    • Brawo RR - Epoxy
    • APS Resin - Silicate

Satellite (Junction) Repair


    • Mobile Steam generator designed
    • For nominal sizes from 100mm to 250mm
    • Precise pressure and temperature control
    • This one unit controls inflation and curing process
    • Ideally used in conjunction with the Brawoliner satellite packing pieces
    • Compact, light weight design
    • 3.7ltr inbuilt water tank – sufficient for around 3 hrs heating time.

    • 100/100/45
    • 100/100/90
    • 150/100/45
    • 150/100/90
    • 150/150/45
    • 150/150/90
    • 225/150/45*
    • 225/150/60*
    • 225/150/90*
    • 225/225/45*
    • 225/225/60*
    • 225/225/90*

    • 100/100/45
    • 100/100/90
    • 150/100/45
    • 150/100/90
    • 150/150/45
    • 150/150/90
    • 225/150/45*
    • 225/150/60*
    • 225/150/90*
    • 225/225/45*
    • 225/225/60*
    • 225/225/90*

    • 75mm-125mm
    • 150mm- 225mm

Patch Repairs


    • Bendy Packers will traditionally repair a single bend./li>
    • The Multiple Bend Packers enable repairs to be carried out in pipes that have a series of bends.
    • Straight Packers will only repair straight sections of pipe however often will do transitions like tapered reducers.

Mini Inversion Drum

    • Ultra light weight carbon fibre construction.
    • Detachable frame with wheels
    • 1m extension hose
    • 100mm 45° launching nozzle
    • 150mm 45° launching nozzle

Clear Packer Tube

Prolong the life of your packer by using Australian Pipelining Supplies' packer tube.

    • 100mm - 5kg
    • 150mm - 5kg

Calibration Tubes

For a quality result on your relined section of pipe, Australian Pipelining Supplies recommends the use of our calibration tube.

    • 100mm
    • 150mm
    • 225mm

Pre Liner

Australian Pipelining Supplies offers pre-liner for that unique pipe relining application.

For more information on our range of pipe relining solutions, or to order a FREE information package, call and speak with APS today.

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Why Choose Us

Australian Pipelining Supplies' relining technology is already trusted in millions of dollars of pipe rehabilitation sales across Australia every year.
Not only are the solutions a reliable method of rehabilitating lines, but can be a key component in transforming the revenue and profitability of plumbing and drain companies. Discover how existing clients are already using relining to advance their businesses.


From residential repairs to commercial and municipal projects, our inversion relining, satellite junction repair and patch repair solutions are trusted by many of the leading plumbing companies in Australia.


Offering the best relining solutions in the market can bring considerable revenue benefits to clients.


Our systems have a proven track record of increasing plumbing company revenues and profitability, with millions of dollars of relining projects using our system undertaken across Australia every year. Discover more about our success stories here, including video testimonials from our clients.


The inversion relining process is solid enough for clients to feel able to provide guarantees from 50 years to even lifetime guarantees for as long as home owners live in the home. The reliability of the system can help provide you with a competitive advantage in the market.