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The Right Trenchless Relining Systems

Just over a week ago a few of us came back form the IFAT Entsorga in Munich, Germany which is "the world's leading trade fair for water, sewage, waste and raw materials management". Its basically a gigantic event, full of really cool stuff.


When it comes to technology, there are very few that do it like the Europeans...especially the Germans. We attend these events with the aim of meeting and mingling with the industry movers and shakers from a design and production perspective, so that we can establish from their knowledge and our experience, the most suitable systems and applications for our market in Australasia.

It is a huge event and would cost millions to run. There is no expense spared form the the exhibitors and they all have exhibits that resemble the Taj Mahal with full catering. Its a real eye opener. There is no Trade Show that comes close in this market.

Basically everyone in the relining industry from a supply perspective, from all over the world is at that event and it gives us a chance to swap ideas, improve current techniques and form relationships that really determine what we here in months to come.

It's a busy week, full of meetings, pork knuckle and steins, but as a result, we managed to learn a lot and improve some existing systems that we have, as well as pave the way for some new 'toys' that we are potentially going to introduce here (stay tuned for the new discoveries).

One of the new discoveries includes some revelations on the steam curing inversion systems.

After a number of meetings with a handful of suppliers, it looks like we have established a way to achieve a fantastic steam cure from inversion lining.

This is good news for those ambient curing their resins, as it means that they are close to cutting their curing time down drastically.

Matt Jones we go!

Settling back into the new year can often take a lot of getting used to, especially if you have been sitting on the beach sipping mojito's for the last couple of weeks. However, if you're anything like me it is often comforting to know what lies ahead.

In previous years, some of our customers have told me that they have felt somewhat in the dark with certain things and i admit, occasionally things do slip through the net and don't make it out to you guys. With that in mind, this year i am going to keep you up to date with a blog. It could well be the first of its type and it is aimed at keeping you up to date with topics that you are relevant to you and that you are actually interested in reading.

I endeavour to keep you up to date with new technologies and systems, R&D break throughs and anything else that we may pick up along the way. If you find something interesting and relevant, email me the link and i will try to fit it in to one of the upcoming blogs for everyone to view.

Also, keep up to date on the facebook page with images and recent events.

Stay tuned and i wish you all the best in 2012.

Matt Jones

Environmental Sewer Pipe Relining Australia

We are always privileged to be able to work alongside of entrepreneurial companies like Curran Plumbing, who have a commitment to advanced systems and technologies that put them on the cutting edge of the industry.

It is these kinds of companies that are the future of the market place because they are willing to invest the required time and funds in systems and training that separate themselves from the rest.

The carbon energy used while excavating is considerable.

Emissions from Machine digging has many implications, however when accompanied with scarring (of the earth), noise pollution, community and nature disruption, the removal of excess material (to landfill) and of course the time and economic factor, there is no wonder the future is moving towards a smarter, safer and less detrimental option.

Australian Pipelining Supplies research and development team is continually committed to travelling the globe to source the best possible products, materials and tools for the job in our environment.

Our team of qualified pipe re-liners team is the best in the business and is responsible for the training of some of the most successful pipe relining businesses in our country. Its because of this that we are confident in offering not only the highest quality products, but a training program to equip and skill all of Australian Pipelining Supplies customers in order to provide a complete relining package.

We at Australian Pipelining Supplies are looking forward to a future, where on a community scale, we can collaboratively influence the environment and substantially reduce the ‘Carbon Emission Footprint’.

Matt Jones


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